#MeToo: Dawn Newspaper’s Veteran Cartoonist Feica Has Been Accused Of Child Molestation

7 year old Zainab

All around the world, people are finally feeling encouraged to speak up against their sexual offenders. The #MeToo movement has led to many exposés in South Asia as well. Names like Khalid Bajwa, AurAdil, Ali Zafar, Junaid Akram and Faisal Edhi have been accused of sexual harassment so far. However, this list might enroll another name, that too hailing from a big media house in Pakistan.

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Another #TimesUp story was shared on Pakistani Twitter when Urooj Zia sent out the following tweet that accused a famous Pakistani cartoonist of alleged child molestation.

A day later, the journalist revealed the name of the alleged harasser after getting approval from the victims! It was none other than Dawn Newspaper’s veteran cartoonist Feica!

Till now, 5 people have confided in Urooj to share how they were molested in their childhood by the cartoonist. None of the survivors have revealed their identities yet.

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We reached out to Dawn News thrice for their take on the allegations. At first, our call was transferred to someone who never answered. On calling again, the call was transferred to another official who picked-up but decided to hang-up after listening to our query.

Frustrated and puzzled, when we rang up Dawn News for the third time, we were requested to contact the media house tomorrow because – and this is our assumption –  they don’t have any answers, today!

All we want to know is that will there be any investigation against Feica???

The answer to this question will decide if we are ready to make our society safer, especially for women and children?

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