Meet Irfan Junejo – A Budding Vlogger From Pakistan


Recent fall out regarding the family-only policy by the organizers of Karachi Eat Food Festival got everyone talking either against or in favor of the protocol. However, amidst this intense uproar, a Facebook video, in which a guy is expressing his views regarding the issue on a lighter note, went viral and swiftly eased up the tensed situation by transforming all those frowns into laughter.

Now, without deliberating over what he said because that’s a whole different debate, it was his not-trying-too-hard-to-be-funny yet genuinely witty delivery that got me amused.

As I write this article, the video in question has received 6.6K likes, 4,048 shares and 1,303 comments! At first I thought that it was just one of those one time wonders trending viral content which will disappear into thin air as soon as another one comes up. But since being a citizen journalist I am always on the look out for emerging talent and since I am an avid Youtube viewer, I came across one more video of this guy in the recommended section and decided to give it a shot. Turns out, there is much more to him, Irfan Junejo, than meets the eye and so I went through almost all of his vlogs in one sitting!

Irfan Junejo started video blogging (also called vlogging) just a month ago. In his first vlog, Irfan, along with telling the viewers who he is and why he is doing so, manages to engage the audience successfully, making them want to come back for more and staying tuned. Also, did I mention, he does all of this in just 1 minute and 58 seconds. Take a look for yourself!

Irfan takes his inspiration from Casey Neistat who is a world renowned American Youtube personality. The combination of articulate storytelling, impressive editing skills and unwavering commitment to give his best every single day makes Irfan’s work unique and outstanding. There are moments in which he can be seen reflecting upon how far he has come, how much he has improved, is he on the right track or not and is he really giving back something to the viewers or just documenting his life. This goes on to show as to how vlogging is not just another way for him to express himself. Instead, it is like a journey on which he has set on to explore himself and to use this experience to grow both his skills and as a human being.

The parts of the vlogs in which he gives “3 reasons” behind any action or argument or goes like, “Mujhe apse ik zaruri baat krni hai” (I want to discuss something important with you) are the most interesting ones because he always has a message to put across in them. At the end, it’s the genuine depiction of simple routine commitments and intricacies of daily life, which make his vlogs relatable, refreshing, entertaining and one-of-their-kind without trying too hard!

I remember once he said in one of his initial vlogs that his work might look a bit inspired by Casey Neistat, Mr. Ben Brown or Justin Escalona in the beginning but with time he would grow more confident and would develop his own style. In my opinion, Irfan has already developed his own unique style and it’s because of this style that he has managed to garner such attention and love from his fans in a very short span of time!

Hats off to Irfan Junejo!


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