Malala Sits Down With Prince Harry & Meghan Markle On #Dayofthegirl & The Discussion Is Royal

malala meghan harry
Source: ABC / VoA

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry joined forces with Malala Yousafzai on Sunday to celebrate International Day of the Girl and highlight the importance of girls’ access to education.

The trio discussed the barriers preventing 130 million girls from going to school, an additional 20 million girls who’re at the risk of dropping out and why it’s essential that we champion every girl’s right to learn.

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These 8 points from this royal discussion between Malala, Meghan and Prince Harry will force you to advocate for girls education in Pakistan.

1. “When young girls have access to education everyone wins and everyone succeeds. It just opens the door for societal success at the highest level.” -Meghan.

Girls’ education not only benefits them personally but it contributes towards the growth of a society. And with 130 million OOS girls, our future is at risk.


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2. It was a big relate when Prince Harry said, “At the time (when we were studying), I wasn’t probably as grateful but looking back at it now I’m very, very blessed with having such an amazing opportunity.”

But Malala’s quick-witted response was the actual winner, “I think it takes boys slightly longer to understand how important education is but they get there in the end.”


3. Education is that one thing that can provide solution to multiple problems. Hence, it should be the top priority of every government to invest in education development.


4. “When women have a seat at the table, conversations in terms of policy change, conversations in terms of legislation and the dynamics of the community are all shifted.” -Meghan

And having a woman’s voice means having the voice of a family as opposed to the patriarchal system.


5. “The importance of girls’ education to help defer climate change is absolutely critical,” Harry said, stressing that education opens economic doors, “Which makes you less susceptible to disaster.”


6. Malala emphasized the need to invest in the education sector by highlighting alarming statistics. In addition to 130 million girls already out of school, an estimated 20 million more could be forced to drop out after the COVID-19 pandemic.


7. OOS girls are often forced into early childhood marriages and child labor. These norms not only rob girls of their basic right to education but also rob their childhood.


8. This is a loss in mind, intellect, invention and innovation hampering the development of the communities.


Here watch Malala, Meghan & Prince Harry have an insightful discussion on girls education!