If This Random Knowledge Quiz Is Hard, You Don’t Know Much

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What does CGPA stand for?

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In which year did Pluto get downgraded to a dwarf planet?

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Which of the following is NOT a synonym of "angry"?

pakistani politician quiz
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How far can a lion's roar be heard?

lion king
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Bevy is a group of:

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Who invented the light bulb?

LED Kitchen lights
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The theorem to find the length of a right triangle’s hypotenuse is named after which famous Greek?

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What is the smallest country in the world?

Increasing global interconnectedness has created a crisis of human security that demands the formulation of strategies that transcend national boundaries.
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What is the most common letter used in the English language?

english alphabets
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What is the capital of Morocco?

morocco flag
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If This Random Knowledge Quiz Is Hard, You Don't Know Much
You know quite a lot!
Good to see you score a good number on this slightly difficult random knowledge quiz.
You don't know much!
Eh, maybe you should actively start learning about the small stuff around you!
You really don't know stuff!
Umm.. it's disappointing! But now that you know all of it, let's score big!

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