This Indian “Space Love Story” is Driving Us to Tears!


Just when we though that South Asian cinema was moving in the right direction, in came LEERA┬áthe Soulmate, a film that is touted as a “space adventure love story” by the makers. However, going by the trailer (and I swear you can’t miss this one!), a more appropriate description would’ve been, “a-studio-based-disaster-that-will-leave-your-eyes-burnt!”

From the opening sequence itself, you know you are about to see something that in every likability will go down on the list of Top-10-internet-disasters-of-2017.

Juvenile facial expressions of the actors, tacky costumes, loud VFX backgrounds and entirely unconvincing animations perfectly summarize my 3 minutes and 33 seconds of anguish. Basically, it is films like LEERA the Soulmate that Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s nightmares are made of!

While it is unfortunate that this trailer has not quite caught the attention of foreign audiences (precisely why I’m putting out this piece!), it has certainly captured the imagination of the Indians.

And now the moment is upon us! I introduce to the Pakistani audiences, a trailer that will change their understanding of cinema forever. A visual so powerful that all the readers are advised to wear protective eye wear (because believe me, you will want to poke your eyes out by the time this is over!). Without further ado (drum rolls), here it is – LEERA the Soulmate!