The Tale of the Handsome Chai Wala in Islamabad!


The term “Chai Wala” has forever become associated with this young man from Islamabad who became an international sensation after his picture went viral on the inernet. The iconic picture that emphasizes his good looks and beautiful eyes was posted by Javeria Ali (Jiah’s Photography) on social media and within a few hours it became the most trending topic in Pakistan.

We give you a round-up of the Twitter reactions in the last 3 days since the handsome Chai Wala became famous!

Chai Wala of Pakistan


Chai Wala from Pakistan

Chai Wala from PakistanFamous Pakistani singer and model Meesha Shafi also took to Twitter and her tweet was perhaps the summary of the whole trend.

Chai Wala from Pakistan

Some used Chai Wala to take digs!

Such was this young man’s charm that even international audience was forced to take notice!

From Chai Wala to Fashion Wala in a matter of days!

However, this was not just another social media trend that would soon be replaced by any other internet sensation without making any significant change in anyone’s life. The Chai Wala was soon tracked by the photographer herself and many media houses. Turns out, his name is Arshad Khan, an 18 year old boy who worked at a tea stall in Islamabad’s Sunday Bazar. But the story does not end here.

Following his newly found fame, Arshad was soon offered his first modelling campaign by, an online shopping site based in Islamabad. Mr. Khan signed the offer and now we can see him donning the clothing line by the company on their website. Who would have anticipated that a single social media post could bring such a positive change in someone’s life! It is indeed the prevailing influence of social media in our lives that the message on the picture of Mr. Khan reads, “Chai Wala is no more Chai Wala. Now he is Fashion Wala.”


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