Go Organic Has The Healthiest Menu In Town!

Go Organic Restaurant Islamabad
Source: Urbanhive.com.pk

It’s been almost 3 years since Go Organic opened its doors to Islooites. It took me almost the same amount of time to convince my husband to visit the eatery with me!

Now it wasn’t that we hadn’t heard great things about the place. Quite on the contrary, we’d heard friends and family gushing over their menu, insisting that we try it. It was just that a place that doesn’t serve Nihari or Biryani automatically gets disqualified from my husband’s bucket list of restaurants.

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Long story short, after an exhausting afternoon while running an endless list of errands, we finally found ourselves strolling into Go Organic a few weeks ago.

We were greeted by a pleasant gentleman who guided us to a table. Hunger pangs having already started, we greedily browsed the menu. To our collective surprise, Go Organic did have Nihari on the menu. Needless to say, my husband immediately opted for Veal Nihari while I decided to try the Honey Mustard and Chicken Salad.

Our food arrived in less than 20 minutes, which was a huge blessing given our growling tummies.

Not a huge Nihari fan myself, especially when it’s made in red meat, I can’t honestly offer a first hand opinion. But from the compliments pouring out of my husband’s mouth between gigantic luqmas, I’m fairly confident he enjoyed his meal thoroughly.

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As for my salad, there’s no denying that its freshness alone was appetizing. Every mouthful left me craving for more. Now I understand that a lot of our readers are not huge salad fans, but if you trust my recommendations, please do try the Honey Mustard and Chicken Salad on the menu of Go Organic.

There’s so much more on the menu, like the Coriander Pasta and Chicken Chilli Dry that I really wanted to try but there were piles of errands that still needed our attention. So, we left after a quick meal with a promise to return with some free time at hand to explore the menu at leisure.

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From the limited items that we did taste, I can absolutely vouch for the delicious – and more importantly organic offerings! Do try it out!