Girl Slapped A Security Guard Outside The Dolmen Mall & Twitterati Were Quick To Call Her Out

Girl Slapped Security Guard
Image Source: Mangobaaz

Netizens were quick to call a girl out for her classist behavior. This girl slapped a security guard outside Dolmen Mall, screaming at him for not letting her in due to the revised mall timings.

We can clearly see the elitist behavior oozing out of her. Oh how they cannot obey the orders. It is evident from the video that the guard is only doing his job. But oh well, how dare he stop her? “Tumhari itni himmat, auqaat mein raho,” yelled the girl, looking flustered. A girl standing next to her can be seen trying to calm her down but she does not want to take no for an answer.

This attitude didn’t sit well with people of the internet; and they were quick to call out the spoiled brat in her.

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Everyone in this world deserves respect. If only your privileged self cannot digest this fact does not mean you’re entitled to go around hurling abuses at people who do not have as much money as you.

Clearly goes to show how money can’t but you the basic decency to treat people with kindness.

Can we please talk about how incorrect this is and we really need to actually take a stand against this rude conduct. You are not above anyone, get this in your head!

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Karen needs to learn some manners!

Her act is a testament to how deeply entrenched this elitist culture is in our society. This is extremely shameful.

Incidents like these should be a lesson for all. People like her show us how we are not supposed to behave and what all we have to unlearn.

Respect for the security guard for not retaliating.

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