UAE Halts VISAs To Citizens Of 13 Mostly Muslim States

UAE Halts VISAs To Citizens Of 13 Mostly Muslim States
Source: Time Out Dubai

The United Arab Emirates UAE halts visas from citizens of 13 mostly Muslim countries like Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan, and Turkey according to a document issued by a state-owned business park.

The document said applications for new employment and visit visas were suspended until further notice for nationals outside the UAE from the 13 countries. It was not clear if there were any exceptions to the ban.

A source informed on the issue, UAE has temporarily stopped giving new visas to Afghans, Pakistanis, and residents of a few different nations over security concerns. The concerns were not pointed out but the sources have claimed that the VISA ban will be temporary.

The following countries have been banned from receiving a VISA from the UAE.

Source: Aljazeera

Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry announced a week ago that the UAE has stopped processing new VISA for its citizens and also those of some other countries. Islamabad has been investigating the cause of this ban assuming it’s because of the CoVid Pandemic.

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The UAE is home to tens of thousands of Pakistani workers, who have been employed in different sectors as well as send foreign remittances considered key to the country’s foreign exchange reserves.

Pakistan has sent many workers to the UAE, approximately 1 million workers have been sent to the UAE in the past 4 years. This ban on Visa can really affect the economy of Pakistan causing 4 billion dollars worth of remittances.