Entry V: Why Every Pakistani Girl Needs At Least 12 Years Of Education

Girls Education

“It is compulsory for every muslim man and woman to acquire knowledge.”

                                            -Holy Prophet Muhammad  (S.A.W)

Following are the reasons why I believe every Pakistani girl needs 12 years of education.

Compulsory for Every Muslim
Girls Education in Islam
Source: NewzToday.net

In Islam it is the RESPONSIBILITY of everyone to acquire knowledge and education.

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In the past, knowledge was acquired informally. However, acquisition of knowledge through schools and colleges has now been institutionalized. Thus, it would not be incorrect to say that acquiring 12 years of education would be fulfilling a religious obligation.

To Gain Respect

This is as simple as 2­+2. By receiving education girls will understand their important place in the society. They will be in a much stringer position to resist both objectification and violence.

12 years of education
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At least 12 years of education can raise a girl’s awareness about everything from conducting themselves in the society to using technology. This knowledge will in turn put them in a  better position to take care of their health and hygiene, solve personal matters and other day-to-day issues.

Development of Family System

Since, in Pakistan girls traditionally take care of the household, thus, at least 12 years of education is imperative so that women can run their households effectively.

To Live a Confident Life

The misunderstanding in society is that getting an education is only important to get a job. Actually education, among other things, also gives one confidence.

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We need to understand that whether a girl chooses to do a job or not she needs confidence to survive in the society respectably.

Behind Every Successful Man There is a Women

Some men have a strange state of mind. They believe that if women receive an education, they will become a man’s adversary. Men should realize that if women get an education they will be in a much better position to actually help men to achieve goals. As they say, “A man with dreams needs a woman with vision.”

Development of Country
Pakistani lady doctors
Source: Mangobaaz

Women are the strength of nation. Women are not merely important as mothers who bear and raise future leaders, and scientists but also because if educated, women can themselves play a pivotal role in the economic prosperity of their country.