Choori Pajama Is Such A Bad Song That Listening To It Might Give You Cancer!


Every now and then a song comes along the way that completely destroys one’s faith in music. By “destroy” I mean annihilate, smash, shatter – completely shake one’s confidence in new talent and its ability to create melody from sound! Choori Pajama is one of those wretched songs.

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From the word go there is something unnatural, even ominous that you feel as four disoriented people appear on the screen.

Your misgivings are proven correct in the third second when one of these four people – a lady whose pajama is the subject of this nonsensical travesty – first attempts to dance.

The dance continues and you can’t help but feel sorry for the guy in the orange shirt who somehow manages to look foolish and endearing simultaneously.

And then the guy in the yellow sweatshirt – Mohsanya Khan –  opens his mouth and the words that pour out are pure tragedy.

“Choori Pajama, tera Billo, Billo!

Choori pajama, tera Billo, Billo!

And then a whole lot of crap that we did not understand, followed by…

White pajama, black pajama, fit pajama, lose pajama…

Pajama, pajama, pajama…!!”

The whole experience has left us feeling something like this:

Kill me meme

And because someone made us watch this perversion, it is but our responsibility to pass on the favour to you.

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Please do watch – if only to curse us after you’re done!