CCPO Lahore Gets His Personal Secretary Arrested For “Disobeying” Him

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CCPO Lahore Umar Sheikh is in the headlines again and if you’re wondering then no, it’s nothing good this time either!

As per reports, on Sunday Mr Sheikh had his personal secretary Abdul Sattar briefly arrested because the CCPO got upset over a minor lapse in official work and allegedly abused his employee for being late at work.

And I thought my boss was tough…

The newly appointed CCPO who is already in hot waters lost his patience once again and ordered the Civil Lines station house officer to put his secretary behind the bars and register a case for “disobeying” him.

The staff at the station, it was reported launched a strong protest against the “violent and inhuman” behavior of the CCPO with his team.

The poor personal secretary was released after the CCPO was informed about the irked staff who had “threatened” to take the issue to social media.

Earlier, a sub-inspector resigned from his post after Umar Sheikh allegedly verbally abused him in an official meeting.

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People are super pissed at the CCPO for his unbefitting behavior that’s kept him in the deadlines ever since he tookover the post.

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Definitely NOT the “police reforms” that we were promised…

f he can stir so many controversies in under a month, makes one wonder what’ll become of the Lahore Police if he stays for the entire length of his tenure.

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