Motorway Incident: CCPO Lahore Umar Sheikh Blames The Woman For Getting Raped & Is He In His Right Mind?

ccpo lahore motorway incident CCPO Lahore umar sheikh
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After the horrific motorway incident the newly appointed Capital City Police Officer (CCPO) Lahore appeared on a news channel and to everyone sane mind’s shock began his talk by blaming the woman for getting raped!

Umar Sheikh while talking to Dunya News callously said that it was the woman’s mistake for taking the “wrong” route and not checking the petrol in her car before leaving the city with her kids.

Like he was commenting on a juicy piece of gossip, the CCPO began with, “Kahani yeh hai…” and if a rape incident seems a story to him, then he is not at all worthy of the designation he holds right now.

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It’s hard to root for “justice” when men like Umar Sheikh are in charge of sensitive investigations around incidents of violence against women.

When a senior police officer himself endorses the she-asked-for-it culture, how can one possibly see him any different from the rapists themselves?

It’s 2020 and we still can’t move past the don’t-blame-the-victims debate because men refuse to learn – even if only for the optics!

As if the incident itself was not enough to leave most women feeling insecure and as if the survivor hasn’t gone through enough trauma, it was of course extremely important for the CCPO to challenge a woman’s right to travel at after dark!

Nahi, waqay hee, buhat zaruri tha!