Can You Guess These Iconic Pakistani Songs From Their Lyrics?

Iconic Pakistani Songs
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Sorry zoomers, you cannot pass this iconic Pakistani songs quiz!

Juda Hoke Bhi Tu Mujhmein Kahi Baaki Hai

Atif Aslam
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Khamoshee guftugoo honay lagee hai

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Raat jugonno sitarey Rang khusboo nazarey

Maahi Ve
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Meray yaar Esay Na Looto Meray Mann Ka Qarar

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Amreeka ke na Japan ke Hum toh hain deewane multan ke

sanwali saloni
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Ab uska pata day, zara mujhko bata day

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Kuch nahin is jahaan mein Jo tu nahin idhar

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I Can Love U More Than Anybody Else I Mean It

sanu tere naal
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Mainay Dekhi Hain Badi Larkian Sohnian

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Dekho Kaise Anajaane Rasaton Pe Barase Ghata

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Can You Guess These Iconic Pakistani Songs From Their Lyrics?

atif aslam

You truly honour the diversity of Pakistani music and are a big big fan whose road trips are incomplete without these iconic masterpieces.

shahzad roy

You aren't a fan of Pakistani music but you don't hate them either! It's just you don't have them in your playlist and only get to listen when someone else has the control.

ali azmat

Okay, either you're a zoomer or that person who only listened to Hannah Montana or Justin Bieber all their childhood to act cool.

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