This Quiz Will Give You The Menu For This Year’s First Iftar

Iftar menu quiz
Source: Pro Pakistan and Iftar Foods

Ready to welcome Ramazan? Take this quiz to find out what your first iftar menu should look like based on your current eating habits!

What do you normally take for breakfast?

Here's a quick round up of what Karachi has to offer in terms of breakfast choices and why one should not go over-board with their love for food!

What's your workout routine like?

Workout Routines

What do you have for lunch and dinner usually?

Pakistani Cuisine what about the food portions?

Massaman Curry

What's your BMI?

exercise routines mawra hocane

This Quiz Will Give You The Menu For This Year's First Iftar
Keep it simple please!

Healthy Snacks to Keep You Awake at Work

Going by your responses it seems like you could use a healthy lifestyle. So instead of going overboard, stick to a khajoor, some sharbat and then direct to dinner. If some sense of an iftar is absolutely necessary for you, have a bowl of fruit chaat but for the love of God, keep your hands off those pakoras, samosas and jalebis no matter how much the heart yearns!
Go crazy, you've earned it!

You're some kind of a health junkie, aren't you? Since you're usually take excellent care of your health, it won't hurt to indulge in a plate of assorted pakoras, freshly fried chicken cheese samosas and a lil jalebi to make your first iftar worth the wait. You can go back to your regular, high maintenance health routine for the rest of the month.
A little won't hurt!

3 Islamabad Food Joints With Menus That Are Both Healthy & Delicious

So you might not have the healthiest of lifestyles but you're doing okay for yourself. It's fine if you want to indulge a little with deep fried pakoras, samosas and jalebis but it would serve you best to skip iftar entirely and just have dinner.

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