Can You Score 8/10 On This Pakistan Trivia Quiz?

Pakistan Trivia Quiz
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Getting an 8/10 on this Pakistan trivia quiz might not be the easiest thing you do today but give it a shot to learn where you stand!

What percent of Pakistan’s population is literate?

pakistan population
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Where is Pakistan located?

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How big is Pakistan’s active military?

Pakistan Military
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What is Pakistan’s population?

Pakistan Population
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What is Pakistan’s national sport?

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Who is considered the father of Pakistan’s nuclear program?

Pakistan Nuclear Power
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Where is K2?

K2 mountain
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Which country does not border Pakistan?

Pakistan Flag
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What was the original capital of Pakistan?

Pakistan Flag
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Which year did Pakistan win the ICC World Cup?

Imran Khan’s Extra-Ordinary Journey From A Cricketer To Pakistan’s PM, Punjab XI
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If You Can Score An 8/10 On This Pakistan Trivia Quiz, You Were There During The Independence Day
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Sorry to break it to you, you failed this Pakistani trivia quiz. It's time to start googling about Pakistan. Try the quiz again when you are ready.
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You did pretty well in this Pakistani trivia quiz. Unfortunately, you weren't there when Pakistan was founded, but you were paying attention in your Pakistan Studies class.


You aced this quiz like a boss! You probably were there when Pakistan was founded. Now tell me where is your time machine.

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