Amir Liaquat Joined PTI And MANY Party Supporters Are “Resigning” On Twitter

Amir Liaquat Joins PTI
Source: Dawn

Half the country was glued to their screens last evening as the infamous wannabe-religious-scholar-turned-politician-turned-game-show-host-turned-political-analyst-turned-politician, Amir Liaquat joined the ranks of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI). Now it is no secret that before Amir Liaquat joined PTI he had rapidly lost favour among the masses owing to his dubious statements on-camera and derogatory comments made in leaked videos when he thought he  was not being recorded.

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Naturally then, as PTI chief, Imran Khan began praising a gleeful Liaquat, many die-hard PTI voters began tweeting their detachment from the party.

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Leading the pack of defectors was veteran guitarist and Junoon front man, Salman Ahmed. He distanced himself from the party in this rather disgruntled tweet:

Soon other party workers also joined in and over night Twitter in Pakistan became a graveyard of “resignations” by alienated PTI supporters.

Some PTI supporters are even running a campaign using the hashtags, #SayNoToAmirLiaquat and #KickOutAmirLiaquat. HARSH!

Of course there are still many staunch followers who refuse to abandon Khan even though clearly, his confused politics is taking the party down.

Those who have opposed PTI’s politics are having a field day, pointing out the double standards in the party’s leadership.

Out Verdict?

Whether you’re a PTI supporter or not; whether you condemn Amir Liaquat’s entry into the party or condone it; just please remember that at the end of the day we are all Pakistanis. Hurling obscenities at fellow Pakistanis will not help our country or solve the many issues that the state is struggling against.

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Keep calm and respectfully agree to disagree.

Also, remember, no matter what you say or think, you cannot beat Amir Liaquat’s swag. For all his critics he would have but one response:

Amir Liaquat
Source: Mangobaaz