Altaf Hussain Asks His Workers For Financial Help, Says He’s Unable To Pay His Bills

altaf hussain help

MQM founder Altaf Hussain recently asked for the financial help from his supporters/workers through social media.

As per the details, MQM chief’s deputy Mustafa Azizabadi shared a handwritten letter by Altaf Hussain on official Twitter, appealing for funds and claiming that his financial situation has worsened.

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The appeal comes three weeks after the London High Court’s Deputy High Court Judge Peter Knox issued freezing orders on six properties controlled by the controversial MQM leader. These include Abbey View house, High View Gardens’ first house, Whitchurch Lane first house, Brookfield Avenue house, High View Gardens’ second house, Whitchurch Lane second house, and the MQM first floor Elizabeth House office.

The letter claimed that Altaf Bhai is under serious financial stress after the event of Aug.22, 2016 when he raised slogans against the unity of Pakistan and his party effectively sacked him. It also mentioned that since then he has sold two properties to run affairs of the party to look after the families of martyrs and to pay for the costs of running MQM operations.

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Oh well, netizens have not taken the request quite seriously and are trolling the notorious MQM leader Altaf Hussain for seeking help from his workers.

Woah…what if this is real you uys?!

It’s not!

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Or is it the tabdeeli that drowned him?

Take lesson guys. Start saving early for your after retirement life!

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