US Election 2020: Scenes Getting Intense As “Angels Dispatched” To Save Trump According To Paula White

US Election 2020 paula white

With Biden close to the victory, Trump and his supporters aren’t ready to accept what the polls are depicting and had raised question on the “integrity of the system” as expected.

And what we’re about to show you is a hilariously bizarre prayer by Presidential spiritual advisor Paula White in an effort to secure Trump’s position in the US election 2020.

A video of Paula White leading an “impassioned prayer service” has gone viral in which she can be heard saying “Angels have been dispatched from Africa right now. They’re coming here, in the name of Jesus.”

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She continues to chant “I hear the sound of victory” over and over again in the video.

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People can’t handle the craziness and wonder what is she high on?

Lol seriously what on Earth was that? 😂

Hahaha… epic description!

Would be a wholesome crossover ISTG!

All we can thank her for are these dope EDM moves!

Umm but on a serious note:

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