A Video Of Altaf Hussain Encouraging The Murder Of His Former MQM Allies Goes Viral

Altaf Hussain and Syed Mustafa Kamal
Altaf Hussain and Syed Mustafa Kamal shared a close bond not very long ago | Source: Dawn

In the wake Syed Ali Raza Abidi’s assassination, a number of lingering questions regarding the security of politicians and their families have found space in the mainstream.

Many are questioning the judiciary’s decision to withdraw the security of (especially those individuals) whose lives, it is known through intelligence gathering are or – as in Abidi’s case – were in danger.

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At the same time, many have also feared the return of violence and instability to Karachi as Syed Ali Raza Abidi’s murder seems to point at an impending gang war.

That said, more balanced voices within the mainstream have warned against jumping to conclusions and fueling further uncertainty in an already volatile situation.

However, a latest video of Altaf Hussain has gone viral in which he is seen naming a number of his former MQM allies and encouraging his supporters to seek revenge from those leaders.

Altaf Hussain and the Trail of Dead Bodies

Anyone familiar with Pakistani politics is well aware about the ominous politics of violence that Hussain had been spearheading from his safe haven in London for nearly three decades. It is also a well-documented fact that most leaders who dared to part ways with Altaf Hussain’s MQM often had to leave Pakistan fearing harm to their lives and families.

The Murder of Dr. Imran Farooq

One of the most famous “MQM murders” included the assassination of Dr. Imran Farooq in 2010. The former politician had been murdered in London where he had been living in a self-imposed exile after defecting from MQM since 1999. In 2016, the primary suspect, Khalid Shamim had confessed to Farooq’s murder, revealing that he had been instructed by Altaf Hussain to carry out the crime over the telephone and that September 16 had been chosen as the date of the assassination as a birthday gift for Hussain,

What’s the Point?

The latest video of Altaf Hussain then is a testament of how the cornered, ex-chief of MQM continues to be a source of grave threat for his political opponents as well as their families.

And while, this story, by no means points at Hussain for the murder of Syed Ali Raza Abidi, it nevertheless hopes to highlight the danger that MQM defectors such as Farooq Sattar, Faisal Sabzwari and others might be in.

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It is absolutely imperative that these and other leaders, whose lives are suspected to be in danger – either for political or sectarian reasons  – be provided with immediate security.

Pakistan cannot afford the resurgence of another bloody chapter in the history of Karachi and so, the state must take all possible measures to ensure that what happened to Syed Ali Raza Abidi last evening does not happen to others.