US Election 2020: The Results Aren’t Out Yet But The Memes Are Lit

US Election Memes
via Twitter

The US election 2020 results so far show that Biden is leading with 264 electoral votes against Trump who has 214 electoral votes. However, it’ll still take a few days before we know who is officially the next President of the united states.

Seriously, the wait is killing desis because we aren’t accustomed to this much of the delay to know who’s the winner. So, Pakistanis are making hilarious US election memes to make the most of this time.

And here we go!

1. Trump has secretly contacted Maulana for duas because that’s the only hope now!

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2. Wazeefa game going strong!

3. PDM is all set to host Trump’s speech after the race has been called.

4. Meanwhile, Biden and Trump going nuts on Twitter.

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5. How we saw it coming but nvm!

6. Oopss!

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7. But our man isn’t gonna lose hope till the last minute.

8. Or even after that!

9. Woah the show’s gonna be lit!

10. Jic you wanna prepare beforehand… here are the slogans!

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