Altaf Hussain Made An Appearance On The Debate With Arnab Goswami & This Is How Pakistanis & Indians Reacted!

Altaf Hussain Arnab Goswami
Altaf Hussain Arnab Goswami

Altaf Hussain has been in the limelight ever since he sought asylum and financial aid from Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Probably, perturbed by the fact that Modi hasn’t even acknowledged his request, Altaf Hussain appeared on The Debate With Arnab Goswami expressing how heartbroken he was.

Arnab Goswami, an Indian journalist notorious for inciting hate speech and known to be a borderline bigot in his own right, ironically appeared meek giving Hussain all the liberty to speak his heart out!

Hussain’s appearance on the show comes in the aftermath of a series of events that happened in the past few weeks including a terrorism offence charge in the UK and more recently asking Modi for asylum and not receiving any response.

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Just in case you’re oblivious to what we’re referring to, this is last night’s episode of the show that everyone is talking about!

Netizens had a field day commenting on Altaf Hussain’s Republic TV appearance. The fact that Hussain had a hard time pronouncing the name of the infamous Goswami did not inspire a lot of kindness from the commentators.

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Many Pakistanis wanted to understand the “logic” for Altaf Hussain’s sudden and rather unwelcome resurgence!

People were also having a hard time trusting Hussain’s proclamations of wanting to “serve” Pakistan!

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Altaf Hussain making an appearance on The Debate with Arnab Goswami has given a new lease of life to demands of bringing the former politician cum alleged terrorist to Pakistan!

Comparisons to dhobi ka k*tta are rampant on Pakistani Twitter since Tuesday evening.

While one section of the Pakistani population is upset, the other is deriving sadistic pleasure from seeing the once feared, Altaf Hussain somewhat helpless!

But Pakistanis are not the only ones reacting to Altaf Hussain’s interview on the Republic TV show. Indians, too have an array of reactions.