Ali Xeeshan Made A Fashion Statement On His Birthday & People Have A Lot To Say

ali xeeshan birthday
via Twitter @thextramediocre

Ali Xeeshan is famous for his OTT looks every now and then at the fashion events and even in his personal life that almost always keep him in the talks.

Keeping the tradition alive, Ali Xeeshan made a fashion statement on his birthday and as usual it was something that couldn’t be ignored.

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Here are 12 hot (read hilarious) takes on Ali Xeeshan’s birthday look that’ll leave you ROFLing!

1. So, we have an official dress for the rest of 2020?

2. Life’s too short to not make a fashion statement!

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3. Epic visual representation!

4. Ahh, whataay dress for the noonies/patwaris!

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5. No compromise on sleep, okay?

6. HAHAHA… good one!

7. No more “bans” needed!

8. Why do I feel attacked?!

9. OMG… every single time!

10. Found the perfect costume for all the Among Us themed parties happening lately!

11. Ooopsss!

12. PSM!

What are your thoughts on this Ali Xeeshan look on his birthday? Share in the comments below!