The Exposé Of Hassan & His Many Affairs Has Twitter Bursting With Hilarious Memes

hassan memes
via Twitter @Abey_yar

Hassan has been trending on Twitter since yesterday and many of you might be wondering who this dude is! And no, we’re not here to narrate the whole story because this thread will do the job for you! 👇

What we’re here for are the hilarious Hassan memes that have blessed our TLs ever since!

1. Twitterati don’t go easy!

2. Not anymore!

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3. Time for Hassan to move to another planet!

4. Nobody’s gonna spare you!

5. Ahh that trap! Don’t fall for it girls!

6. Did he start playing an IRL version of Among Us?!

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7. No escape Hassan, no escape!

8. Reality check?

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9. Thanks to the girls for exposing him.

10. Full fraud hai…!

11. You go girl!

12. Issaa partyy!

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