Twitter Is Having A Discourse On “Aitebar” & That’s Exactly What I’m Living For!

aitebar vital signs
via BBC/Twitter

Twitter has been buzzing with all sorts of Aitebar tweets and man can we have our TL’s blessed with such wholesome content every weekend please?!

It all started with a single tweet from British-Pakistani journalist who just reminded us what a masterpiece Aitebar is!

And ever since millennials have been super hit by nostalgia not ready to get over the debate!

The toxicity no one would mind, at all!

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Excuse me, can we have a talk?

Nothing can beat JJ and that’s it!

All of the Vital Signs is gold, okay?!

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A hi jaye ga!

Parenting lesson 101!

100 percent wholesomeness all day everyday!

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Now, how can we not not listen the track and go about with our day, right?

Please feel free to carry on the conversation in the comments below! 😉