5 Highlights From The Lux Style Awards 2018 You Should Know About


Lahore was abuzz yesterday as Pakistan’s biggest, most beloved entertainers got together under one roof for the 17th Lux Style Awards (LSA).

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You probably already know the winners list by now. But what you might not know are these five highlights that made Lux Style Awards 2018 really special!

The Ladies Were Killing It With Their Red Carpet Look

Whether it was Mahira Khan or Sanam Saeed, Sajjal Ali or  Juggan Kazim, Aamina Sheikh or Ayesha Omar – the red carpet was ablaze with the presence of these stunning ladies! I mean look at them!

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Mahira Khan was elegance personified.

Mahira Khan lux style awards 2018

Sajal Ali dared to go traditional and we LOVED IT!

Sajal Ali

Sanam Saeed and Aamina Sheikh – wow!

aisha sheikh

Ayesha Omar was a true stunner!

Ayesha Omar Lux style awards 2018

Juggan Kazim rocked this black gown!

Juggan Kazim LSA 2018

Asma Jahangir Was Given A Befitting Tribute

It’s been 10 days since Pakistan lost one of its most progressive voices, Asma Jahangir. Tributes continue to pour in as Pakistan mourns its bravest daughter untimely death.

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Asma Jahangir was also remembered at the 17th Lux Style Awards where the brave-heart was honoured with a special shield to celebrate her contribution and service to the country. Her daughter, Muneezeh Jahangir received the award on behalf of Asma Jahangir.

Kashmir The Band Was There!

The boys from Pepsi Battle of the Bands have come of age. Kashmir The Band went home with the Best Emerging Star trophy.

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From newbies to winners at the Lux Style Awards 2018, these kids are sure to go places!

Sajal Ali And Ahad Raza Mir Were The Talk Of The Town

Sajal Ali and Ahad raza Mir LSA 2018

Yakeen ka Safar has made Sajal Ali and Ahad Raza Mir as the most loved television couple right now. The fan following they have amassed after their onscreen pairing is phenomenal.

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While other on and off-screen couples were also present at LSA 2018, the crazy love that Sajal and Ahad received is – as they say – NEXT LEVEL!

Hamza Ali Abbasi Made A Powerful Statement And Not Just With His Dapper Shalwar Kurta!
Hamza Ali Abbasi at Lux Style Awards 2018
Source: Express Tribune

Hamza Ali Abbasi is one celeb that Pakistan cannot decide whether to love or not. At times he opens his mouth and we fear he’s flirting on the edge of extremism. At other times he speaks and we can’t stop gushing about what he said!

Thankfully, at the Lux Style Awards 2018, Hamza unleashed his latter side. He made a powerful statement calling upon fellow artists to explore their responsibilities beyond entertainment.

The bit that we loved the most – ironically, since we’re an English publication ourselves – was where Abbasi said that the proceedings at the award shows should be in Urdu. YES! More than 70 percent of Pakistanis do not understand English and we really need to make entertainment awards more inclusive rather than elitist.