4 Types of Pakistanis

Photo Courtesy: Express Tribune

The rule of Sultans, Mughals and the British emperors may have ended a long time back however, the cultural impact that they have had still reflects in the way a common Pakistani behaves. Moreover, local, regional and global developments over the years too contribute towards how most people in the country react towards a given scenario.

Keeping in view of common behaviors and attitudes this is how based on my own experience as a citizen of the country, I choose to divide Pakistanis in four categories.

4. The Sensible Pakistanis

I call them “The Sensible” because they know what message different schools of thought in the country mean to convey. They know where a collision path lies and how a common ground could be found. Normally, soft spoken and well-mannered they know how to rationalize while dealing with a problem.

However, it is just unfortunate that the country continues to suffer because people belonging to this category are in minority and hence, difficult to find. To make matters worse their numbers are unlikely to rise as long as education standard of Pakistan does not improve.

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3. The Pseudo Liberals

This is yet another minority group however, they are easily traceable and can be found offending the masses by challenging their belief system on one of the local talk shows every now and then.

I choose to call them “Pseudo Liberals” because most of what they say and how they articulate facts neither is in line with the values of liberalism itself nor does it help the cause they intend to serve.

2. The Religious Fanatics

The most dangerous minority group in the country is that of the “Religious Fanatics”. Not only do they twist and turn the religious narratives to suit their malicious motives and in the process corrupt young minds of our homeland but they also know how to employ violence as a means to achieving their objective.

Like “Pseudo Liberals” generally, neither their words nor their actions are in line with the ideology that they intend to preach.

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1. The Confused and Helpless Pakistanis

Now let’s talk of the majority group. This makes up for scores of people who are neither educated enough to make a well-informed decision with regard to which category they would like to be in nor do they have the resources to force for themselves and their families a respectable future.

Despite suffering because of issues like poverty, violence, lack of education, limited or no access to some of the most basic human rights the majority group nevertheless, is resilient and positive enough to find hope and joy one way or the other.

People from this group can be found easily in every nook and corner of the country however, it is not very often that platforms that matter choose to talk about them.