Skinny People Should STOP Telling Plus-Sized People To Do These Things!

Skinny People Should STOP Telling Plus-Sized People To Do These Things!

Skinny people should stop telling plus-sized people to do these things
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Beauty is often attributed to colour and shape. Conventionally, it’s defined as, “…a combination of qualities, such as shape, colour, or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight.”

Movies, magazines and the fashion industry all reinforce this definition, literally imposing it as the only definition of “beauty.” This is perhaps why we hardly ever see people with “different bodies” in the limelight.

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Have you seen a plus-sized actress doing a lead role? Very rarely. Have you ever seen plus-sized people on magazine covers? No, at least not in Pakistan. Have you ever spotted plus-sized models on the ramp? Again, it’s a sad, “No.”

Being plus-sized or fat has been made equal to being a criminal by the so-called fashion police. Plus-sized people are made to feel so worthless that studies show they start hating themselves because of body image issues.

The everyday struggles of plus-sized people are never really given the importance and respect that they deserve.

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What struggles do plus-sized people have, you ask? Let me pinpoint at least 3 struggles that plus-sized people are subjected to for no good reason!

Self-Esteem Issues

No matter how great a personality they might have; no matter what abilities they might possess; no matter how big their dreams are, if they are “fat” then they are not allowed to enjoy their self-worth.

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Rather than acknowledging and celebrating their success in such things as education, career or family life, the only thing plus-sized people ever hear about themselves are related to weight loss!

Being Constantly Judged

If a plus-sized person wants to wear something that’s in fashion, the first sneering judgement will be passed by the shopkeeper or store manager. They might not always say something but their tell-all gaze is enough to make the person uncomfortable.

Then if somehow the plus-sized person does manage to buy and eventually put on the dress of his/her choice, his/her friends and family begin offering unsolicited advise. The most common of such comments is, “Oh, you should not wear dresses like these. They make you look fat.”

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For the love of God! Why can’t people understand that fat people have hearts too!

The judgement is not just reserved for attire. Every bite that a plus-sized person takes attracts judgmental looks, unnecessary comments and cries to go on a diet!

There Are Industries Dedicated To Make Fat People Feel Bad

There are gyms and clinics whose only job is to make fat people feel shamed of themselves. Their advertisements urge plus-sized people to come to them because apparently there’s nothing more important in life than to be size zero!

Go find yourselves a better profession, weirdos!

These Unreal Expectations of Weight Loss are UNFAIR

I fail to understand the unnecessary scrutiny that plus-sized people are forced to experience every day!

Why can’t fashion labels and designers make clothes for every body type? I mean if they’re designing a dress, what’s the big deal in making the same one for the plus-sized ones?

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The same goes for the entertainment industry. Most men and women ARE actually plus-sized. Why don’t fat people ever get as many lead roles as those who are skinny? Shouldn’t the ability to act be the only important criteria while casting for a role?

And don’t even get me started on friends and family! Just imagine being scolded and lectured all the time for the shape of your body! How can anyone live a psychologically healthy and happy life they are constantly being made to feel inadequate?

Why can’t you all, the skinny ones, just let us live the way we want to live?  In bad days when you need help or you need someone to listen to you, do you check their weight first?  “I need your help, but let me check if you fit in all those beauty standards or not?” Come on!

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Just like everyone else, plus-sized people deserve happiness in their lives too. No one has the right to make them feel miserable about themselves.

So, please, if yo have a plus sized friend, try to be more empathetic. Start complimenting them. Start accepting them. Start appreciating them for being the wonderful people that they are and for having the brilliant abilities that they possess.

Stop making them feel bad about their bodies. Stop body shaming plus-sized people!