Jeremy McLellan Sent a Sarcastic Tweet Last Night and Some Pakistanis Got...

Jeremy McLellan Sent a Sarcastic Tweet Last Night and Some Pakistanis Got Offended for NO Reason

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Earlier this month, American stand-up comedian, Jeremy McLellan came to Pakistan amidst huge fanfare. His shows in Islamabad and Lahore were sold out, social media was in a frenzy over his presence and we loved how he professed his love for biryani and all things Pakistan. For three weeks there, he was one of us!

But now he’s gone and his Twitter feed is making me repeatedly face palm since last evening. When the face palming became so bad that I began feeling a tad bit angry, I knew it was time to do the needful: WRITE!

So what happened? The answer won’t surprise you: NOTHING AT ALL! I mean literally there was no reason but then a handful of compatriots decided to demonstrate how low human stupidity can stoop to.

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It all started with a harmless sarcastic tweet that Jeremy McLellan sent out to actually highlight how Pakistan was NOT a dangerous place (I’m still grappling with the irony)!

He tweeted, “So glad I came home from the dangerous country of Pakistan,” atop a news item about police investigating an “…active shoorter situation” in his hometown, Charleston, South Carolina.

Emotional – how should I put it delicately – jacka**es (yes, “*” is the extent of my delicacy right now) without comprehending the sarcasm decided to go on a hate-tweet spree.

Initially, Jeremy and a lot of Pakistanis tried to explain to that his tweet was meant as sarcasm. But this guy was adamant on shooting himself in the foot. Exhibit A:

Jeremy McLellan being trolled

This wasn’t the only senseless tweet that was sent out. Yes, there were others.

Jeremy McLellan Pakistan

One guy went as far as to say that he had gotten Jeremy McLellan banned from entering Pakistan.

Jeremy McLellan

Jeremy did have a befitting reply that left many in splits though.

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Look, as a Pakistani, I stand by the fact that English is not our first language and so there’s bound to be confusion. I also understand that we are a very emotional nation. But there’s no excuse for stupidity and we must NOT alienate a friend, who has shown nothing but love and respect for our country.

May common sense prevail!