Zong Network Went Down For A Day & We Had Memes – Lots Of Them!

Zong Network
Image Source: Twitter/Phone World

Zong, a Pakistan based mobile data network faced disruption in multiple cities across Pakistan on Wednesday. The issue came to surface when users took to Twitter to complain about slow browsing speed and inability to make calls from the network.

According to a report by Pakistan today, unexpected commercial power outage made way for Zong network services going down temporarily in some areas. The report also read that issue has now been resolved.

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Well, well, well, so when have the netizens let golden moments like these slip by so easily? As soon as the network mildly recovered, they churned out memes like anything; and here we have compiled some of the best ones for you.


This one hits home. You value connectivity only when you lose it.

Quite surprisingly, where some users faced terrible connectivity, there were others who were gifted free data and minutes for calls throughout the day. Those who had functional connectivity literally had a ball on Wednesday. They commented how despite the system being down, they were able to avail free internet, as their service was up and running.

With all the unlimited downloads and free packages for calls and texts, Zong users had the time of their lives. After all, who doesn’t like FREE STUFF?


Meanwhile, singles with free package were like:

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On the other hand, there were those poor souls who had recently activated their packages but were unable to avail them due to network disruption. *Cries Out Loud!*

There, there!

Dunya ne diye bohat se dhokay, chalo koi nahi, it’s okay!

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