Wasim Akram Proposes “Plan B” For COVID-19 SOP Violators

Wasim Akram SOP
Image Source: Wasim Akram's Instagram

Former Pakistan cricket captain, Wasim Akram has proposed an ingenious “plan b” for all the coronavirus SOP violators.

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Since Pakistan is battling with the third wave of COVID19 and is experiencing a sharp surge in the positivity ratio, Akram conveyed his concerns over the matter. He posted a video on Instagram to address the issue himself in his quirky way.

In the message to his fans and followers, the cricket legend hoped everyone across the globe will be doing well in these uncertain times.

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Later on in the video, he spoke about how people across the country, especially in the Punjab region, are not abiding by the standard operating procedures (SOPs) despite being the hotspots for the virus.

Wasim Akram covid19
Image Source: Instagram

“Please follow the SOPs. Why are you so rigid?” he asked in Punjabi. Well, he did not just stop there. Akram furthered that there’s another plan for all those who fail to follow the COVID protocols. It is to “Pick up a rod and give two slaps to people not following SOPs. They’ll listen then,” he said.

Akram who was rather perturbed by the dismal COVID situation said that you fail to comply when I speak with you normally. “Legends,” he added by sliding in all the sarcasm that he possibly could.


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