Pakistanis Demand Action After The Video Of PML-N Senator Goes Viral


Last evening a video of PML-N Senator, Nisar Muhammad went viral, creating outrage.

In the video the Senator is seen addressing a crowd of protesters in Karachi who were demanding justice for the extrajudicial killing of Naqeebullah Mehsud.

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Sounds innocent enough, right? Well, not really.

The video of PML-N Senator is actually quite disturbing since he is seen “groping” a child who stands next to him on the stage. His hands move around the child’s face and neck and at one point it seemed like he covered the child’s mouth with his hands.

Needless to say, people who have seen the video are positively outraged.

The anger is quickly making way towards the top tier leadership of Pakistan Muslim League (N), demanding party leaders to take action.

There have been calls to Chairman Senate, Raza Rabbani and other politicians to  take action.

What is just as disturbing as the Senator’s inappropriate touching is the fact that no one from among the crowd had the good sense to intervene. Was it lack of awareness or plain indifference?

At the same time there are also those who can’t seem to find anything wrong in the video.

We do not know who the child is and why she was on the stage with Senator Nisar Muhammad but we do know that what is seen in the video is disturbing content.

Despite this video of PML-N Senator, Nisar Muhammad having gone viral, his office, Pakistan Muslim League, the Senate or even other politicians are yet to issue a statement.

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We can’t be selective in our quest for justice. We can’t send out a few angry tweets, thinking our job is done. If we truly want to protect our children, we will have to demand action and demand it with authority.

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If, “Seeing is believing,” then we have seen enough and the political elite must do away with offenders in their own ranks before promising protection and justice for our children!

Note: For all those posting the video, please ensure that you ONLY post the version where the child’s face is blurred. Please do not compromise the privacy and integrity of the child in your outrage.