Video Of Muggers Consoling Foodpanda Delivery Boy After He Breaks Into Tears Goes Viral

foodpanda boy muggers
Source: The Express Tribune

Recently, a video is making rounds on the internet in which a Foodpanda delivery boy gets consoled by muggers in Karachi.

The new viral video (in which the muggers are seen hugging the Foodpanda delivery boy) has left the netizens in disbelief. No one seems to have seen such a sight before.

The video shows the muggers following the Foodpanda boy who was on his way to deliver an order. The robbers then took his valuables and the food packet. The delivery boy broke into tears following the incident as a result of which the muggers returned everything that they had taken from him.

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Not just that, the muggers also consoled the Food Panda boy and hugged to calm him down.

Now, this sight has left the internet cheering for the muggers!

Who would’ve thought that one day the robbers would be teaching us a lesson to be kind?!

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Who knows? Maybe the muggers could relate with the emotions of the delivery boy!

Then there were some who explained how robbers in their city lacked sympathy!

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