This Video Explains Why Many Deserving People Haven’t Received Support Despite Several Ration Drives In Pakistan!

ration drives pakistan
Via Twitter @SherySyed2

The government of Pakistan, several NGOs and individuals have initiated ration drives ever since the country was put under the lockdown. The aim was to benefit the daily wagers’ community that has been most hard-hit by the cronovirus crisis.

However, despite concerted efforts the clamour of those who are yet to receive any support is steadily growing.

This video shared by a netizen explains one of the many reasons why thousands of people are yet to receive support despite numerous ration distribution drives in Pakistan.

In the video, two people are seen requesting a shopkeeper to exchange their food items for other goods that they needed. They had brought along a ration pack they had received from a charity drive.

The man in the clip claims to have around 2 maunds of wheat and wants to trade the wheat for other goods including shampoo and soap.

The customer also boasts about having 3-4 maunds of ration – all of which he had received through different charity drives.

On the other hand many people have been protesting that their households have been famished due to the ongoing lockdown in the country.

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In this time of crises, the onus of responsibility lies on both the public as well as the authorities to ensure transparency.

The authorities should develop a database so that the relief packages are evenly distributed while the beneficiaries should also act responsibly and refrain from accumulation ration.

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