13 Funny Memes After Video Of The #ColonelKiBiwi Went Viral

Via Twitter @buttsahaaab

The video of #ColonelKiBiwi has taken the internet by storm since yesterday. And while there’s been a lot of criticism, desis couldn’t resist making hilarious memes on the entire episode.

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So, here’s a look at 13 #ColonelKiBiwi memes that’ll leave you laughing even if you don’t want to!

As expected there are Ehd-e-Wafa comparisons and boy aren’t they funny?





When you’re on duty and see the video of your wife going viral!


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8. When you have no idea what to do next!

9. Clearly Pakistanis are not over Mere Paas Tum Ho yet!

10. Really important!

11. Anarkali hold your drama… Let the colonel ki biwi go first.

12. For good or for worse; the video actually gave us all another reason to stay at home!

13. Well, the damage has been done already!

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