Umer Sharif’s Picture On Wheelchair Goes Viral, Concerned Fans Pray For His Health

Umer Sharif wheelchair
Image Source: Instagram/Ticketwala

A picture of Pakistan’s legendary standup comedian, Umer Sharif, in which he was seen bound by the wheelchair went viral on social media. It prompted questions and concerns from his fans as they got really upset to see him in such a condition. Frankly, he looked quite unwell too.

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When the image started floating on the internet, people cooked up stories saying the “comedy king” was suffering from a life-threatening ailment. This then got the fans worried and they started sending out prayers for him.

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However, The Express Tribune, reached out to Sharif’s family to get to know the real story behind the image. Upon inquiring, his family told Tribune that the comedian is doing fine and is at home.

They further explained that the picture was not a recent one. “He has been going to the hospital for his routine checkup but it’s nothing serious for now. He has been unwell due to his heart issues, but he’s not under any life-threatening illness.”

A similar incident happened with Umer Sharif in 2017 when the fake news of his death started circulating on social media. Fans from across the globe sent thousands of messages on his passing away. Later, his son, Jawad Umer, posted a statement clarifying that his father was pretty much alive and doing well.

All of this happened because Umer Sharif was seen lying on a hospital bed and that somehow led to the generation of fake news.

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