A Look At The Extremely Emotional Goodbyes The Afghans Are Saying To Afghanistan

Afghans emotional goodbyes
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Millions of Afghans are struggling to escape from Afghanistan ever since the Taliban acquired control and for obvious reasons, their extremely emotional goodbyes are really heartbreaking!

Many of them have shared their harrowing experiences. Their accounts are so painful that one cannot hold back tears!

Afghan refugees goodbye
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An Afghan filmmaker,  Roya Heydari, who recently fled her home country, took to Twitter to narrate her distressing journey and how it has completely shaken her up.

I left my whole life, my home in order to continue to have a voice. Once again,I am running from my motherland. Once again, I am going to start from zero. I took only my cameras and a dead soul with me across an ocean. With a heavy heart, goodbye motherland. Until we meet again, she penned down in her note.

Bilal Sarwary, an Afghan journalist, shared his searing experience of running away from his country. Almost two decades ago, Sarwary started his career as a journalist. It was then that he covered the US bombing of Afghanistan and the subsequent fall of the Taliban.

Never in his wildest dreams did he think of leaving his own homeland, but he to once he was left with no other choice.

For me personally, it was 20 years of burying my life, my dreams, my network of friends, my home. So it was perhaps the most painful journey in my life, he told Reuters in Doha, where he arrived almost a week ago.

According to BBC, more than 123,000 civilians were evacuated by US forces and its coalition partners after the Taliban took control of Kabul on 14 August – but one cannot tell exactly how many of those were Afghanis.

An Afghan pop star, Aryana Sayeed, also came out with the story of her emotional departure from Afghanistan.

Afghans evacuating their hometown
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“I was feeling that I’m going to die here, literally”, she said. “I was hopeless. This is like a miracle that we’re getting out.”

Sayeed left for the US with her fiance, Hasib Syed, and has safely reached Los Angeles. Even though she’s safe and sound, she’s worried about the millions of people who couldn’t have left the war-torn country.

She recounted what her family and friends had to say, who were left behind in Afghanistan.

They are hopeless, absolutely hopeless, she said. They are left with no food and no shelter and they are living in fear right now. And my heart just bleeds for them.

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