Umar Akmal Cracks Pakistani Twitter Up With TikTok Video With Wife

Umar Akmal TikTok video with wife
Image Source: Twitter

Cricketer, Umar Akmal has managed to crack Pakistani Twitter up with his TikTok video, in which he can be seen lip-syncing to a Bollywood song, “Pyaar diyan majbooriyan.

Even Akmal’s wife is also a part of the clip, but with her backside visible only.

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The video has somehow managed to crack Pakistanis up and they’re reacting to it with hilarious comments.

They have joked about how it could actually be Kamran Akmal in the video with a wig on and not really his wife.

…and with Babar Azam filming the video, commented another.

Looking at his skills, some of the social media users even suggested that he’d rather pursue a career in acting than be a cricketer.

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Meanwhile, there were some who had other interesting suggestions to make.

On the other hand, there were some people who took a dig at Umar Akmal saying that he’s put in all his focus on TikTok videos, hence he’s unable to find a slot in the national cricket team.

Even though Akmal’s video has garnered a lot of traction, this is not the first time that he’s put up a video on the platform. He shares his videos occasionally and people kinda love them.

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