Bake A Cake To Find Out If Your Friends Are True Or Fake

True Friends Quiz
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This quiz will reveal if your friends are true or fake, all you have to do is bake a delcious cake. Take this quiz to find out now.

What flavor cake will you be making?

Chocolate Cake
Vanilla Cake
Red Velvet Cake

Pick a frosting flavor.

Peanut butter

Pick a filling.


Pick a topping.

Chocolate Chips

Pick another topping.


What color frosting will you put on top?

Red color
Black Background
White Color
Sky Blue
Pink Color Food

How many layers will your cake be?

1 layer cake
Two Layer Cake
4 Layer Cake

Who will you be sharing your cake with?

joint family susral suno chanda
Walking Alone

Bake A Cake To Find Out If Your Friends Are True Or Fake
You have true friends!

Your friends are your soul mates! You'll remain friends for the rest of your lives because your friendship is like pure gold. You're really fortunate because friends like these come along once in a million!
Watch your back!

Walking Alone

Your friends may be loyal to you right now, but you should keep an eye on your back since ANYTHING may happen. If they treat you unfairly, talk to them about it or find new friends.
Your friends are fake!


Yikes! I'm not sure whether you have any genuine friends. They might not be your real best friend. Talk to your friends about it, and if they don't change, find new friends. You deserve better!

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