Twitter Wants To Know Why Is Alibaba Founder Jack Ma MIA!

Alibaba founder Jack Ma
Image Source: India TV News

Alibaba founder Jack Ma has been missing in action for two months. The Chinese business tycoon even missed the final episode of his own talent show  ‘Africa’s Business Heroes,’ where he had to appear as a judge. According to reports, the Chinese billionaire did not make an appearance at show due to a ‘scheduling conflict.’

The social media users started speculating his absence from public appearances after he criticized the Chinese banking system in a speech, likening it to a ‘pawnshop’ mentality. Ma reportedly condemned the financial regulations used by China as “an old people’s club” and said that “we can’t use yesterday’s methods to regulate the future.”

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Ever since his speech, Ma came in conflict with Xi-Jinping led communist party, and since then the Chinese regulators zeroed in on his businesses. Reportedly, a $37billion initial public offering has also been suspended of his Ant group on orders of the Communist party leader.

While Jack Ma is MIA, people on the internet are busy making guesses on the reasons of his disappearance.

Twitterati while weighing in on Ma’s disappearance:

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Netizens and their theories:

This one questioning the world’s silence over the billionaire’s whereabouts!

Where is Jack Ma?


Everyone is busy making guesses…

While others are busy making memes out of the whole situation!

This one here knows where Ma is.

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