COVID19: How China Is Increasing Its Influence In Europe

COVID19 China Europe
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COVID19 or Coronavirus is shaping the global scenario every single day and therefore, here is a look at how China is increasing its influence in Europe  as a result of the pandemic.

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A Wreaked Europe And China’s Growing Influence On It

COVID19 China Europe
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COVID19 has wreaked the entire Europe especially leaving countries like Italy, Spain, France etc. in tatters. The health-crisis is all set to leave the European Union in no man’s land particularly if it continues for another few months.

Pandemic Coronavirus, COVID19 China Europe
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Some smaller countries from the virus hit continent then have already started acquiring help from the Chinese government. It is likely that more and more will eventually follow the suit. Some of the aid that comes then will obviously have strings attached to it and hence, it should eventually lead to an increase in the Chinese influence in the region for years to come.

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Big Players In The Region Nullified

Pandemic Coronavirus, COVID19 China Europe
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The Chinese model of government has traditionally been viewed negatively in Europe. However, with big players like Germany and France struggling themselves owing to COVID19 and with them being in no position to provide assistance to the vulnerable states within the union; China is stepping in where ever it can and as of now is winning hearts and minds with their strategy.

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USA Losing Ground

Trump's 2018 UNGA Speech, COVID19 China Europe
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USA has had a strong grip over global developments during the last few decades. However, the world’s leading country now has the most number of cases reported because of the pandemic and hence, it is understood that it is beginning to lose ground everywhere including the European continent. 

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The Crashing Stock Markets

Coronavirus World Order World War III, COVID19 China Europe
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COVID19 has resulted in stock markets crashing world-wide and the rumors of Chinese businessmen buying stocks have become apparent. If that is actually the case then there is little or no doubt that the coming years will see a growing influence of the socialist state not only in Europe but also around the globe.

So, what do you think? Will COVID19 will make way for China spreading its influence in Europe or will the Europeans once again reject the Chinese way of life?