First Transgender Rehab Center In Lahore To Provide The Disadvantaged Social, Financial & Psychological Help

transgender rehab center lahore
Image Source: WOW 360

Pakistan’s first transgender rehab center will be set up in Lahore to provide assistance of various sorts to the disadvantaged community.

Provincial Minister for Baitul Maal and Social Welfare Syed Yawar Abbas Bukhari made this announcement at a function in the Faisalabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FCCI). Many philanthropists, members of civil society, social activists, and NGO workers were present at the event.

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The Minister while addressing the event said that the government wants to attend to their grievances by involving them in productive activities.

 “The proposed center would provide them with social, moral, economic, financial, and psychological help,” he added.

He then furthered on the management of the center saying that the scope of the place is so huge that the government cannot alone bear its expenses, so the NGOs must play their part in keeping the organization afloat.

trans community rehab center
Image Source: WOW 360

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Abbas Bukhari then went on to laud the industrialists in Faisalabad for their charitable activities and for donating money for the best possible facilities for the prisoners and other such causes.

“They play a proactive role in national calamities”, he said. The people of Faislabad have always continued to be at the forefront in supporting innovative welfare projects in this field.

He then encouraged them to come forward to do the same and cooperate with the Social Welfare Department in their humanitarian projects. Currently, the Social Welfare Department is operating several projects, including Nasheman, Santzar, and Gehwara.

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