For Family’s Roti, Kapra & Makaan, Mrs. Oil, Jameela Khatoon Fixes Vehicles At Her Tiny Shop

Jameela Khatoon mechanic
Image Source: WOW 360

These days it is pretty common to see women taking up jobs that were historically reserved for men. However, Jameela Khatoon challenged the norm and decided to take up her husband’s oil changing and repairing shop after he passed away. The brave lady ever since hasn’t looked back.

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Jameela’s son was a teenager when his father passed away, and she was the only one to look after his needs. Being in the field for almost 35 years, Mrs. Oil is so skilled that she can tell when a person got their motorcycle repaired, without them having to give her any information.

“I have been doing this for the past 35 years,” she says with pride, sitting on a stool on A busy road As vehicles drive by. 

Jameela Khatoon
Image Source: Geo

That’s not all, when Khatoon was younger and had more strength in her, she also worked as a newspaper hawker before opening her oil and repair shop, which is the size of an average juice stand.

She’s passionately running her business because this is her husband’s only lasting legacy and there’s no one else in her house to take over the responsibilities yet. Unfortunately, her only son, who she had adopted, also breathed his last some time ago. However, she has many mouths to feed as her son left behind a widow and four grandchildren.

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With an already challenging life, Jameela Khatoon also had to fight for the ownership of the shop. Earlier, the business was going so well that she had hired 6 laborers to help her out, but then, they tried to forcefully snatch it from her.

I accepted their challenge and told them I will not let that happen, she recalls. It is due to Allah’s will and His love for me that I am still earning my bread here.

She says life was easier when she had their help. Now she has to work extra hours to compensate for them, but she is not someone to give up so easily. It is her strength and bravado that keeps her going despite the difficult circumstances.

It was Allah’s will that I became a widow. There are some nights and, of course, sunny days, as he wills. We need to be patient.

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