These Pictures of Karachi Rains Are Breaking Our Heart!

Karachi Rain
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Karachi is known for a lot of things but heavy torrential rains is not one of them. However, this Monsoon season rain has found its way to Karachi and we really wish it hadn’t.

The rains that lashed the city yesterday have left Pakistan’s favourite metropole drowned and devastated.

We woke up to these saddening tweets by Radio Pakistan.

Relief and rescue operations are underway but a lot of damage to life and property has already been caused.

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This video posted by Syed Raza Mehdi shows how the roof of a banquat blew up into pieces because of wind intensity and rain.

Karachi is the third city after Houston, USA and Mumbai, India to experience devastating flooding this week. These catastrophic floods are proof that climate change is upon us and we have been caught unprepared.

Yet, there are ignorant people all around who refuse to accept the gravity of damage that climate change has already begun to cause across the globe.

While heart breaking images continue to surface on social media every minute, they’re making us wonder if things could have been different if the city’s longstanding problem of an inadequate drainage system had been solved.

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And we are not the only ones feeling helpless and frustrated. Citizens of the flooded metropolis are equally enraged.

The unfortunate part is that this is not the first time that Karachi has flooded. In fact every five years or so when a heavy spell of Monoon rains visits the city, the residents struggle with the same circumstances. This picture of Saddar during 1944 floods and 2017 floods is proof enough.

Enough has been said and heard about Karachi and its outdated and inadequate sewerage system. It is time to stop making useless political statements and put an end to this life threatening issue once and for all!

Karachi needs our prayers and politicians’ immediate attention.