These 13 Tweets About #KarachiRains Prove Karachiites Are Feeling Lawaris

Source: Samaa

Karachi and rain are not meant for each other. And if you think otherwise… let’s first have a look at these 13 tweets after #KarachiRains and you might change our mind!

1. Look, just how subtly the poor souls are asking for help!

2. Have you been to any city that has a drive-thru water park?

3. How thoughtful of the government!

4. What scuba diving dude?

Nothing can beat this experience 👇

5. Oh, they were all just gathered for a cake cutting ceremony. 🤦‍♀️

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6. Guess who’s gonna have swimming champs now?!

7. Going to work was never fun before this:

8. Karachi >>>>>>> Venice

9. Well, if you reflect, in this digital age that’s a victory too!

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10. Karachi rains really get the citizens working!

11. If one tweet could sum up the whole situation!

12. See, we’re not the only ones saying that!

13. Still, don’t forget the SOPs while you’re out for swimming!

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