19 “I Have A Joke” Tweets That’ll Make You Laugh When You Finally Figure Out The Joke

i have a joke tweets iqra aziz

Here are 19 “I have a joke” tweets that’ll make you realize how some things are honestly just a joke now!

1. Money talks only!


2. Didn’t it?


3. Now, we ain’t forgetting it that easily!

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4. Sorry, but you know only if you know!

5. Yeah you won’t!

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6. Savage!

7. Aren’t you already sad about only getting one holiday this eid?


8. There’s proof so no arguments on that!


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9. The only ban to stop the other bans!

10. Are you wearing a mask rn?


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11. Middle child problems!

12. Will tell ya tomorrow!


13. This hurts!

14. PTCL is not even a joke anymore!

15. … and you won’t get it!

16. Might sneak out and tell!

17. The one joke we all have on us!

18. How can it be?

19. But the real joke of them all!


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