Karachi Rain: These Tweets & Memes Will First Make You Laugh & Then Facepalm

karachi rain
via Twitter

Remember that poem Rain, Rain, go away / Come again another day? All my childhood I would think who wanted the rain to go away – ever…and would not sing along with my class fellows thinking that the rain might actually go away! Well, as a person who has never been to Karachi, I still hate this poem.

But if you’re from Karachi, rain might not be the blessing it is for us Islooites. Turns out even a patchy drizzle can quickly become a nightmare for Karachiites. And to top it all there’s K-Electric – always on the lookout to make life more miserable for the metropolis’s residents!

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There’s really nothing new about Karachiites complaining about their post-rain misery. But since no one seems to care about their ordeal, it seems like Karachites have made peace with their plight and settled by posting rants on Twitter!

All I can say is, “Hai becharay!”

The stress is real!

Meanwhile, K-Electric prepping to take you on a ride!

Because K-electric never lets you down!

No internet, no bijli!

Karachi wale, each time the weather app predicts rain…

Baarish milay na milay, loadshedding ka maza zarur milay ga! (It might not rain in your area but you will experience load-shedding).

Where it hurts the most!

The guy knows how to enjoy life!

And THIS is why I never liked that poem…I mean whoever thought rain would stop kids from having fun was never a kid himself!

And finally, the tweet that made me crack up early this morning…!

Stay safe Karachiites!