The Pandemic Isn’t Over Just Because You’re Over It!

pandemic isn't over
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2020 was a devastating year for all of us. It was filled with many different catastrophes, may it be the wildfires in Australia or the ever famous pandemic that has killed a million people and still more are dying each day.

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Dozens have lost their loved ones and still, people are dying each day. What the problem actually is that people don’t understand the severity of the situation.

I went to buy some groceries with my mother yesterday and saw many people roaming with their kids without masks and even coughing or sneezing without a handkerchief or a tissue then going on about as if a pandemic isn’t on the loose. We can’t be sure if someone’s just under the weather or has contracted the virus.


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Now, a new mutated form of coronavirus is on the loose and people are still not taking this seriously. Just because the year has ended does not mean that the virus has ended. Only a week has passed and more than 10,000 people have died all over Pakistan due to this virus.

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I can’t stress enough that the pandemic isn’t over just because most people are over it. We need to wear masks, follow SOPs, use sanitizers, and take precautionary measures to keep ourselves and the people around us. We need to fight this virus together until the vaccine is discovered and things start to get normal again.


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