Pandemic Coronavirus: 3 Possible Ways In Which It Can End

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Perhaps every single person on the planet  right now is waiting for the pandemic coronavirus to end with uncertainity mounting with every passing day.

Here is a look at 3 possible ways in which the ongoing episode can hopefully meet its end.

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Vaccine Development

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This is the most obvious one. Scientists around the globe are looking to develop a vaccine that could permanently deliver a decisive blow to the virus. However, it is likely to take somewhere from 11 to 18 months for the preventive medicine to be available in the markets. Nevertheless, given the situation it is unlikely that the world will be able to wait for that long while remaining safe from the plague.

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It Dies Its Natural Death

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Other Corona and flu viral infections are known to die their natural death once the weather becomes warm and in humid conditions. However, there is limited research with regard to COVID-19 and hence, the next few months should provide a better picture.

Pandemic Coronavirus
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The other scenario is for the bug to infect around 40 to 70 percent of the world population before there aren’t enough at risk individuals to allow the chain going. Nevertheless, this could mean massive and/or multiple spikes before the epidemic ends.

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Pandemic Corona Virus Becomes Endemic

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The other probability is for the pandemic coronavirus to become endemic like the common flu which basically means that it returns like every other seasonal disease unless there is a vaccine available to cater the threat. This however, will be a nightmarish scenario and as of now we can only hope that a vaccine becomes available sooner than expected.