This Naval Officer Wedding March Has Twitterati in Fits

Naval officer wedding march
Source: Parhlo/Daily point

A naval officer held a march on his wedding and the social media reacted hilariously. As it is not something that they see everyday.

There are some traditions in the lives of military people that they seem to quite enjoy, but look quite strange to the civilians. Specially when it comes to weddings, they follow this peculiar style of following wearing the military uniforms on their BIG DAY!

Very recently, a Naval Officer was seen wearing his uniform parading in sync with his wife along with his course-mates, and people of Twitter went hysterical.

These two wanted to know if other professions too should follow suit and wear their uniforms to the wedding?

His sympathies went out to the bride who had to parade in her wedding dress.

Feeling Attacked

Some of them have approached the higher authorities to look in to the matter. They believe the Naval officer wedding march is “degrading.” It is an official that needs to be followed not a practice to be orchestrated on weddings.

Well, it is (not) all cringe, but it is also being wise and thrifty. Brownie points for saving money on the oh-so-expensive wedding dresses.

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Ooh, this is something we’d also like to know.

Oh well, freedom of speech? Maybe? People will say what they want to say, but she doesn’t agree with that.

If that wasn’t obvious already!

Yes the customs are different for different professions, but weddings are meant to be enjoyed. They shouldn’t feel so bothersome like we can see from the bride’s gait.

Nevertheless, this was actually quite entertaining. We sure had fun seeing those reactions.

Let us know in the comments below, what you think about all of this.